Creating a Hampton's Inspired Interior

If you ask anyone what their favourite style of interior design is, many will reply 'Hamptons Style'. This style of home takes it's inspiration from a collection of stunning homes and communities in the north of New York State hidden along eastern Long Island's South Fork. The Hampton’s is known for it’s long stretch of immaculate beaches and an interior comprising of farmland, towns and quaint villages. Homes are scattered throughout the Hamptons with 18th-century shingle buildings, gorgeous estates hidden behind grand boxwood hedges and beachfront homes with panoramic ocean views.

The typical Hampton’s style home boasts white feature double hung windows with calming white, grey and beige palettes throughout, showcasing luxurious textures and, of course, the iconic decorative weatherboard paneling on the exterior. This style of home is popular throughout Australia and oozes luxury, style and sophistication.

The Key Aspects of a Hampton’s Style Home:

The foundation colour palette of the Hampton’s style home consists of white on white with warm accents throughout. Subtle beige and warm grays are used to provide depth and character ever so delicately. Ensuring that the colour palette is adhered to will mean that when it comes time to style the property, the addition of muted colour tones, greenery and layering of textiles will enhance and brighten the space and accentuate the luxury of the home.


Various textural elements are used throughout the construction and design of the Hampton’s style home to create warmth and sophistication in even the most overlooked places. These textures can be found throughout the entirety of the home, finishing products such as timber, natural stone, tiles, panelling, and metals. 

Blonde timbers are frequently used in the Hampton's Style home and are often found in the flooring, on cabinetry and various statement pieces such as dining tables and furniture accents. Timbers offer warmth and texture and create an inviting feel to each room. 


Timbers are often contrasted with natural stone products which can be found in a variety of forms from fireplace mantles and surronds, kitchen or bathroom splash-backs, or flooring, bench tops and in accent pieces.

Natural travertine tiles are a key feature of the Hamptons Home and can be used indoors or outside on verandas and patios.  Travertine tiles come in a wide variety of colours, types and styles. The mottled tones and veins naturally occurring in the stone provide additional texture.  

Textured wall panels such as VJ panelling can change the entire look of a room and is prevalent in Hampton's Styled homes. These textures are all used to create stunning contrast and give extra detail to an otherwise stark white wall.

Metal accents are used to provide a high-end textural element to the Hampton’s design. This can be accomplished using brushed metal elements in areas such as the kitchen cabinetry fixtures and selected décor items, as well as statement light fixtures to provide a sense of luxury and sophistication.



When it comes to styling the home, continuing with the muted neutral pallet will ensure continuity of the theme. Muted colours of white, blue and beige will contrast nicely against the white on white and natural textural base elements. When choosing cushions and throws ensure you choose items with different textures and materials.  This adds depth and interest to your rooms.  Additional textures and pops of colour are easily achieved by strategic use of cushions, linen, greenery and throws to create a lux environment, true to the elusive Hampton’s feel. 

The use of oversized mirrors and artwork will create stunning points of interest throughout the home when used strategically. The use of oversized mirrors will give the illusion of space and light whist providing functionality in rooms that are otherwise dark or small. Artwork can be selected and placed above sideboards and bedheads to tie in the colours and feel of each room nicely. 

Achieving a cohesive home design can be a daunting task, taking time to carefully plan and research will go a long way in ensuring your vision will come to fruition, and can often be achieved with consultation with an experienced property stylist.

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