What is a wedding stylist and why might I need one?

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Every bride has a dream and vision of what their wedding day will be like. From understated elegance to elaborately adorned rustic themed weddings, having both the time and knowledge on how to put together such a masterpiece is beyond many. The perfect solution is the wedding stylist. 


Is a wedding stylist and wedding planner the same thing? 

The short answer is no. Although they have many areas that cross over in their role, they are fundamentally different. A wedding planner will take charge of the workings on the day, such as when the cake is brought out, the timing of the speeches and the first dance, the wedding stylist takes care of the aesthetics of the wedding. Ensuring that every detail is styled to perfection, and that every aspect flows cohesively within the wedding style - from the bridal party to the venue itself. No detail is left unchecked to create your dream wedding day. 

Here at Love It Styling, we have a passion for working with the bride and groom to bring to life the dreams and visions for their unique and special wedding day. A wedding stylist can work with you no matter if you know exactly what you want or haven't the faintest clue.   


Our expert stylists do everything from source that perfect piece of wedding decor, to consult on colour choices and floral arrangements. Call us today to get started on creating your special day.