Ways to Increase Your Home Sale Price

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When it comes to selling your home, did you know that having your property styled and staged by a seasoned professional can add 5-10% to the sell price of your home? 5-10% that is huge!

Many of us do not have the know how to implement a stylish and sophisticated design throughout our home and some people have a very unique style of decorating all of which can contribute to deterring potential buyers from recognising the potential of the home and prevents them from forming an emotional connection with it - an aspect that is very important when it comes to converting to a sale.

In preparing for the sale of your property, you may have researched tips on how to present your home, but nothing beats getting some impartial professional home styling and staging advice.

Drawing from my years of experience as a stylist, having your property styled and staged for sale has potential to give you, the seller, a much higher and favourable sell price. My experience in the property industry has shown me time and time again how poorly styled homes with outdated furniture and finishings nearly always result in a lower sell price.

Update your paint

If you are wanting to sell your home for the best possible price, you will need to recognise that not everyone has the same style as you. In fact, when it comes to selling, having a neutral colour palette is more appealing to potential buyers. Consider first and foremost removing or repainting any bright or dated walls by selecting a neutral colour. A fresh coat of paint will always add value to your home and removing those more dated tones will instantly increase the appeal of your home to potential buyers.

Declutter & depersonalise

Many people do not take into account the sheer amount of personal items they have throughout their house. Take this opportunity to pack away your family photos, certificates and sports memorabilia as well as various other clutter such as keepsakes and ornaments. You want to ensure that your home shows its full potenital, is open and free-flowing. Personal items and clutter will deter the customer from seeing the true potential of your home to make it their own.

Have your home professionally styled and staged

After you have added fresh, neutral paint to your walls and have decluttered your home of personal items and excess ornaments and furniture, your property styling will be much more effective. If you’re selling a new or vacated and empty property, ensuring that it is staged is imperative to gaining a higher sell price as this allows potential buyers to imagine where their own furniture can go. Many people cannot visualise where furniture is best placed.

There are many property stylists on the market these days, but finding one who uses quality furnishings and who has the ability to create that wow factor in your home is worth their weight in gold. You, as a homeowner, may find it difficult to stand back and be objective as to what needs to be changed and engaging the services of an experienced stylist will enable your home to be presented in a way that is going to appeal to the masses.

As a stylist, I ensure that the homes of my clients are presented to highlight the best aspects of the home. I use quality furnishings and art throughout to convey an overall colour and styling palette and often draw on current market trends to give that added ‘wow’ factor. I will ensure that the best use of space is achieved in every room to highlight the positives. One of the most important factors in styling houses is to ensure that your home is presented in such a way that will provide your potential buyers with an opportunity to form an emotional connection to your home and to see themselves living there. This emotional connection is what converts a potential buyer into someone who just has to have YOUR home as their own. This is what causes property prices to soar.

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