Q & A With Our Wedding Stylist Rebecca

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What is a Wedding Stylist?

Every bride has a dream and vision of what their wedding day will be like. From understated elegance to elaborately adorned rustic themed weddings, having both the time and knowledge on how to put together such a masterpiece is beyond many. The perfect solution is the wedding stylist. 


A wedding stylist will turn a bride and groom’s vision of their wedding day into a reality. Every detail is considered and styled to perfection to ensure that the aesthetics of the wedding flows cohesively. We work closely with you to get to know about you and your individual tastes. Whether you have a set style in mind, or you haven't got the faintest clue our stylist team will work with you to bring every styling aspect of your wedding to life, from the bridesmaids to the venue itself.


What will a stylist do?

A stylist’s aim is to bring to life a couple’s vision of their big day. At our initial meeting, we will ask that you take the time to put together a collection of images that catch your eye, things that inspire you and things that you want to emulate in your big day. These may include inspirations for flowers, dresses, table centerpieces and more. Our team of stylists will then use their years of experience to bring together your ideas and vision and create a seamless style for your wedding day.


At what point do I include a stylist in my wedding planning?

We always recommend including a stylist in your wedding planning as early as possible before making big decisions. Many brides book a stylist in years before their big day to ensure that everything is planned and styled to perfection. However, you can engage the services of a stylist at any time during the wedding planning stage.


The three biggest styling tips for your wedding?

  1. Always consider the detail of your wedding reception. Your guests will spend the majority of their time in the reception at their table. Take the extra time and effort to create a memorable experience in the details.

  2. Balance is an important aspect in creating a visually appealing space. Keep in mind how the varying decorative elements work together to create harmonious vision. Be sure to not allow different aspects to overpower each other. Select  individual stand out pieces within your design without causing minor or major clashes such as colour or textural issues.

  3. Don’t forget that lighting helps to create atmosphere. Candlelight will provide a romantic setting, while bright lights give a dramatic feel. Keep in mind sort of atmosphere you’re wanting to achieve prior to selecting your lighting.


What is the key difference between a Wedding Planner and Wedding Stylist?

A Wedding Planner will take charge of the workings on the day, such as when the cake is brought out, the timing of the speeches and the first dance. Their focus is on practicalities: venues, vendors, contracts and run sheets.


A Wedding Stylist takes care of the aesthetics of the wedding. Ensuring that every detail is styled to perfection. Think of them as the interior designer for your wedding. They bring your vision to reality on your wedding day.

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